Look Like Myself Enough? (2016)

Single-channel Video   1280 x 720p

Cinematographer: JJ Rolfe

Editor: JJ Rolfe

Duration: 9’23’’

Living in a highly digital era, every flesh has become a two-dimensional image. Whiskey used her face, yogurt and passport photos of her own to question about to what degree must we look like ourselves?

Being formatted and digitized, our features has been flattened in order to fit in our authenticated identity and nationality. In this sense, the actual features have to imitate the state-sanctioned documentation, and ‘I’ must pass for myself.

(1)Look Like Myself Enough? (視頻截圖,攝像:JJ Rolfe).png
Fig.4 Video still,cinematographer-JJ Rolfe).jpg
(2)Look Like Myself Enough? (視頻截圖,攝像:JJ Rolfe).png